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The Walking Dead Seasons 1-8 DVD


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  • The Walking Dead Seasons 1-8 DVD Special Features
    Actors: Andrew Lincoln,Jon Bernthal,Sarah Wayne Callies
    Language: English
    Boxed Set: Yes    
    Number of discs: 24
    Condition: New    
    Region: Region Free    
    Weight: 2.5 kg
    Format: Support both NTSC & PAL    
    Rated: NR (Not Rated)    
    DVD Release Date: 2017
    The Walking Dead Seasons 1-8 DVD Photos

    The Walking Dead Seasons 1-8 DVD

    The Walking Dead Seasons 1-8 DVD Overview

    Rescued by Glenn Rhee, Rick is eventually introduced to the rest of Glenn's group who are camping a few miles outside of the city. There, The Walking Dead Seasons 1-8 he discovers that his wife Lori and son Carl have been hiding with Shane Walsh, Rick's friend and former police partner. The two employ different approaches to keep the peace as Rick returns to Atlanta for supplies and a man left behind, while Shane exerts his authority over the camp.While scavenging supplies along a highway, Carol Peletier's daughter is separated and Carl is accidentally shot, forcing the survivors to stay on the nearby farm of veterinarian Hershel Greene. When the camp is overrun by walkers, Rick and Shane convince the surviving group to head for the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta. They briefly shelter with the only remaining CDC staff member, who has been unable to develop a cure, The Walking Dead Seasons 1-8 DVD before a protocol incinerates the facility.

    The Walking Dead Seasons 1-8 DVD