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Shades of Blue Season 2 DVD


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  • Shades of Blue Season 2 DVD Special Features

    Actors: Jennifer Lopez, Ray Liotta, Drea de Matteo, Hampton Fluker, Sarah Jeffery
    Language: English
    Boxed Set: Yes    
    Number of discs: 3
    Condition: New    
    Region: Region Free    
    Weight: 0.4 kg
    Format: Support both NTSC & PAL    
    Rated: NR (Not Rated)    
    DVD Release Date: 2016

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    Shades of Blue Season 2 DVD

    Shades of Blue Season 2 DVD Overview

    She demands that he patches his leak first. Matt is injured in a drive-by shooting and puts his team to work to find the shooter. Donnie tells Matt that the FBI would pick an informant with personal secrets, which points him to Harlee. Coincidentally, he is reminded of an old case: Miguel Zepeda,Shades of Blue Season 2 Harlee's abusive ex-boyfriend and Cristina's father whom she framed for murder to protect her daughter.Matt helps them tie up a loose end on Michael's shooting, so Michael now owes him, too.Matt sets up a polygraph interrogation of Harlee which she passes, but he still knows she is the FBI informant from a telltale gesture.When rookie Michael is out with Harlee and accidentally shoots a drug dealer, she covers it up. Harlee is also part of Matt's group which keeps the peace between the local gangsters and collects extortion money from them,and uses her share for her daughter Cristina's high school tuition. A meeting with a bookie turns out to be an FBI setup for Harlee, who is now forced to work with Agent Robert Stahl and his anti-corruption task force to avoid jail. Robert sends Harlee on a meeting with Matt wearing a wire,Shades of Blue Season 2 DVD where he angrily confides in her that he knows there is an FBI informant on his team whom she is supposed to help find and kill.Now that Matt knows that there is an FBI informant, Harlee feels too much at risk and stops cooperating with Robert.

    Shades of Blue Season 2 DVD